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A one-click solution to secure code authorship
via blockchain technologies

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How it works

Algo offers developers a simple solution to deposit their unique code into a blockchain network via an IDE plugin, thereby guaranteeing the code’s immutability and transparency of authorship.


Monetization if other developers use your code
Establishes code provenance/authorship for potential future copyright disputes
A secure and independent decentralized blockchain network guarantees complete data integrity
Easy to use and provides an instant solution to copyright code
Algo IDE plugin screenshot

Algo plugin

The Algo plugin allows developers to deposit their code into a blockchain network. It’s as easy as writing a piece of code, then clicking on the Algo tab and selecting Deposit. The code is instantly added to a blockchain-based repository service with public metadata, guaranteeing its immutability and the developer’s traceable authorship. You can manage your Algo personal account via your Web browser.

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About us

We are a team of developers who specialize in creating software solutions for the automatization of intellectual property (IP) rights management on the global market. And as developers we truly understand that code is as much a product of individual creativity and deserves to be protected and monetized as any other product of intellectual activity, such as music, text or a work of art. We also know the how difficult it can be to protect and establish authorship of your code. This is why we created Algo and partnered up with IPChain, a blockchain-based infrastructure that registers instances of IP item registration and future transactions. Based on this technology, developers now have the opportunity to instantaneously copyright a piece of code by creating an immutable and secure data trail for the product of their labor. This gives independent developers undoubtable proof of authorship over their code and its potential use and monetization by other developers.


30-day free trial
€ 0.00
per month
For beginners and students
€ 9.99
per month
Intro – 30 deposits/mo
For skilled developers
€ 29.90
per month
Basic – 300 deposits/mo
For businesses and enterprises
per month
Business - amount of deposits and corresponding rates determined via consultation with sales manager

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