An automated solution for the secure deposition of source codes, designs and screenshots

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Protect your code from borrowing. For individuals

Copyright your design

Protect your design from borrowing. For individuals

Protect your code from borrowing. For companies. Coming soon

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About us

As developers we truly understand that web design and code is as much a product of individual intellectual activity, as is music, text or a work of art. We also know how difficult it can be in the modern digital age to protect and establish authorship of original web design or code.

This is why we created Algo and partnered up with IPChain, a blockchain-based infrastructure that registers instances of IP item registration and future transactions. Based on this technology, designers and developers now have the opportunity to instantly copyright any design or code by creating an immutable and secure data trail to their original creations.

This gives independent designers and developers undoubtable proof of authorship over their designs as well as the opportunity to monetize their creations if the designs are used by other people.

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Copyright your code
A one-click solution to secure code authorship via blockchain technologies
Copyright your design
A one-click solution to secure authorship of original designs via blockchain technologies

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